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Longarm Services

My longarm services are not limited just to my local community of quilters!!

You can use Canada Post for your quilt travel to me and back.  Please get a tracking number as this will further reduces the chances that your quilt be lost in shipping.  Shipping will be at your expense.

Canada Post rarely loses packages but if you fear this then do not hesitate to reach out to your own family and quilting community.  You will be surprised to how many folks come to Montreal regularly.  We can make arraignments for delivery and pickup of the finish quilt. I have quilted for clients across Canada, the USA and as far as Cote d'Ivoire Africa.

Edge to Edge (E2E) Quilting

This project was assembled and quilted by me using my computerised Gammill.  Both the Blushing Peonies fabric and the Tokyo Terrasse pattern are by Robin Pickens.  The E2E quilting pattern is Sugar Skull Flower designed by Anne Bright.  Glide thread Mercury color was used to quilt this project.

More than one hundred patterns to choose from are available, from the classics to the whimsical.  If what I have available does not meet your needs, we can find another E2E pattern on-line that I will purchase for your quilt.


Custom Quilting - All Hand Guided!

This project was executed before I purchased the Statler for my Gammill longarm and thus all the quilting work that you see was done without computer assistance!!  This Lone Star belongs to Blanche Phillips that requested custom work for it.

This shows the feather work used for the top and bottom borders that were wider than the sides. 

In the white sections of the quilt, I chose to do loose spiral stippling.

In the star points, I feathered out from the center of each diamond.


Here is a view from the back of the center of the quilt.



Both E2E and custom quilting services are priced by the square foot area.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for the final step of your quilting project.

Preparing your quilt

  1. Make sure that all seams are sewn.
  2. Iron all your seams flat.
  3. Make sure that your quilt top lies flat and that your borders are square.
  4. Make sure that your back lies flat.
  5. Make sure that your back and batting are at least 8 inches larger then your quilt top, in both length and width.
  6. Iron your back fabric.
  7. Make sure that your back fabric is square and that all four sides are straight.
  8. Please air out quilt top and then seal everything in a bag before shipping.

There will be a surcharge for any seam fixing, thread cleaning, or quilt squaring and border fixing that I would have to do to be able to mount the quilt top onto the machine.


I reserve the right to reject any quilt if criteria has not be met.