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What to do if you have fullness in a quilt.

Well I thought that it was time to write another blog.

I have been working on a quilt that a great friend and client has made and asked me to quilt for her.

She does great work and I always enjoy working on her work. This quilt is no exception. I saw no problems with it till I started to quilt it. I will say that this was not a big problem, one that I can handle. When I got to the center of the quilt I notice that the sides were bowing out ( the center was wider then the top and bottom edges) what to do when this happens? Well I looked at the blocks to see if I can see any easing of seams. I look at the seams to find were the fullness is coming from. I like to keep the fullness were it comes from.


As you can see from the picures above I also used a tape measure to make sure that everything was the same width as the top and bottom edges, as I stableized the quilt. 

Keeping fullness were it belongs.

The next few Pictures will show what happened to the fullness in the block when I start to stitch in the ditch around everything.

I have stitched in the ditch around the block and around the house.

I stitched between the house and the grass area.

I stitched around the appliqué that is on the grass area.

On this last picture you can see that I have stitched on the grass area behind the appliqué. There is no more fullness in the grass area.


This picture has the house and grass area all quilted the last thing that I quilt is the background of the blocks. 


Here is the block all finished. As you see no more fullness.


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