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What is a Cupcake Mix Recipes or Cake Mix Recipes and how to use them.

For those of you that follow me may have seen a new product called Cupcake Mix Recipes or Cake Mix Recipes.  For this post I will be using the Cupcake Mix Recipes 3.  There are four different booklet for the CupCake Mix Recipes, and there are 8 different booklet for the Cake Mix Recipes.  Each recipe will give you a different combination of half square triangles or what have you.  In each booklet includes 44 identical recipe cards.

Cupcake Mix Recipes 1 through 4.
Cupcake Mix Recipes use Charm Packs or Five inch squares and 7/8 yard of a background fabric cut into five inch squares.

Cake Mix Recipe 1 through 8.
The Cake Mix Recipe use Layer Cake Packs  and 3 1/8 yard of background fabric cut into ten inch squares.

I am going to show step by step on how to use these recipe packs.  My Charm Packs and my background fabric are cut into five inch squares.

Put a Charm pack fabric and a background fabric (on top) right sides facing.

Take one of the recipe cards from the pack and place it on top of the background and pin through all layers.

I pinned in the four corners making sure that the pins are away from the sewing lines.

Sew on the dotted lines start at the star and follow the numbers.

Cut on the solid lines.  Some of the recipes will indicate which solid line needs to be cut first.

My pieces cut apart and before paper has been removed.

After paper has been removed and ironed.

I am sewing my components into this layout. Here are two other layouts that you can make with Cupcake Mix Recipe 3.

I am sure that you can play and come up with other layouts. You do not need to do what I did. You can mix up the components to make each block scrappy.

And here is two of the block finished.  Cupcake Mix Recipe 3 gives you two  2 1/2 inch block from one recipe card.  I hope that you enjoyed reading up on this new and fun product that you can find in my shop.