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Quick and Easy Placemats

I love making placemats, and when a friend and I started talking about doing placemats with the 10  degree ruler I had to give it a try. I took a look at some fabrics that I thought would look good together. All you need is nine fat 1/4's two meters of backing fabric to make 8 placemats. Iron each of the fat 1/4 to get them ready for cutting. I cut a 13.5 inch strip out of each fat 1/4. I stacked three strips and started cutting the  wedges out. To get 8 wedges from each of the fat 1/4 you will need to flip the ruler. ( ex: cut wedge and then flip to cut the next wedge and flipped again continue doing till 8 wedges are cut). 

The 10 degree ruler by Phillips Fiber Art 

once you have all the wedges cut lay out the wedges 

once you are happy with the layout you can start to sew them together using a 1/4 inch seam. 

Iron the seams to one side. once you have this all done. Iron your backing fabric and place the placemats right side together on the backing fabric. Cut out the backing fabric using the placemat tops as your pattern. 

Do the same with the batting. Once you have everything cut out you are ready to sew around the outer edge leave anopening so that you can turn them right side out. Iron and then top stitch the outer edge to close up opening. You can quilt them any way you would like, or you can just stitch in the ditch. 


 These placemats were fun and quick to made. They are unique placemats and they make great gifts. 



Happy Quilting