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Opened a can of worms

Summer has arrived and we are having a heat wave.  I really could not take the heat while I worked, so I went out and got an air conditioner for my Studio.

Talk about opening a can of worms.  When I got it home I had to move my whole studio around.  My daughter was a great help (Thank God for daughters).

We got everything cleaned and moved to make room for the air conditioner.

My husband came down to help me get it installed.  Another can just opened up.  We found that the tube was not long enough, so we moved my set of drawers to put the air conditioner on top.  Eureka it worked I have cool air in the studio.

My husband suggested that I hang something over the doors to help keep the cool air in the studio.  Great idea but what can I do for that.  I remembered that I have some blocks that I had started years ago and never finished them.  Got them out took a look.  Only need to make about 7 or 8 more to be able to make two long quilts with another fabric for the top and bottom and both sides to get the finished size that I would need to cover the door openings.  I will put a sleeve on the back of them get two pass poles to hang them from.

That brings us to today what I have under my needle today.

I will be happy when they are hanging over the two door openings!