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What one of my days consist of.

I thought that I would tell you a little about myself and give you a look see into one of my days as a self employed person. I have been self employed for over 21 years and my days can be long and tiring. These days I am not driving my kids to school anymore( that may change when my son starts at university this fall), but I still have a lot to get done each morning before I even go down to my studio.

My phone can start ringing some mornings at nine, this is when I am having breakfast and reading my emails and checking my facebook page ( you can like my page at phyllis home decor) doing some posting. Once my breakfast is finished I will pick up the kitchen and get one other chore ( this can be just putting on a load of laundry or just watering the indoor plants)done before I head down to the studio. This is around ten am sometime as late as eleven am.

The first think I will do if I did not get it done the evening before is get a quilt into the machine to quilt. If I had gotten one mounted the night before I will get that machine up and running so I can start to work on another job while the quilting machine is working


( Got to love that computer) If I am doing an all over pattern (E2E) then I can work on sewing something else on another machine or I will fill orders and even serve a customer. ( yes I will receive customers at the home, by appointment). I will work on various jobs all through out the day. If I have orders that need to be mailed out I will do that on the lunch hour. On days that I have recieved an order of fabric I will spend time pricing and getting them scan to enter them onto my online store.


Most days I will work till my husband ( got to love this man) comes down to tell me that dinner is ready and am I ready to finish work. ( this is about 6.30 pm ). Most days I am ready but there are some days that I will come back down to do another few more hours in the evening. If I do not go down again after dinner then I may sit and work on some hand work. 


When I am working on a custom quilt I get only that done. Just because I have the computer it is not always faster. To place a design into a block you have to map it so that the computer knows were you would like that design to be quilted.


My days maybe full but I always finish off my day spending an hour or so with my husband. We enjoy watching something on TV or a DVD. I my work on that hand work, but sometimes I really do not want to sew so I may knit I can not watch TV with out doing anything with my hands.

I will try to post every so often here to show you what I am working on.SaveSave